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How to install Rodali Phonetic IME on Android

Open "Play Store" from your Android device. You must be connected to the Internet. Search for "Rodali Phonetic IME" and install


Directly open this link from your device

For a step by step guide on How to use Rodali Phonetic IME on Android, click here

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About Rodali Phonetic IME

Rodali Phonetic IME for Android is an application through which you can easily write messages, update on social networking sites or compose emails in Assamese on your Android phone or tablet. The main feature of this App is that you can type Assamese words using English characters and it transliterates the text into Assamese. By switching the "Assamese" mode off you can resume typing in English. The App also provides auto-suggestion for some commonly misspelled words while typing. You can also add your own words and delete unnecessary words from the suggestion list.

Note: Rodali Phonetic IME for Android can be installed only on Android version 4.0 or higher

How to check your Android version

To determine what version of Android is running on your device, select Apps > Settings > About phone or About tablet.