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Rodali for Android

Now you can directly instal Rodali Keyboard for Android from this link in Google Play Store

Rodali Keyboard for Android is based on Android soft keyboard.If you like to write Assamese by simply touching the alphabets, then this keyboard is the one you need.There are two versions of Rodali Keyboard for Android. One is for Android 3.0 or higher and another is for Android version lower than 3.0 but higher than 2.0. Please note that either of these versions cannot be used in Android earlier than 2.1.

How to check your Android version

To determine what version of Android is running on your device, select Apps > Settings > About phone or About tablet.

How to install Rodali on Android

After determining your Android version download the proper version of "Rodali for Android" from the Download Link on the right side of this page.It is an APK file named "RodaliKeyboard.apk" or "RodaliKeyboardold.apk" Save this file in your Android device and install. The detailed instruction for installing and using this app can be found in the user manual which can also be downloaded from the Download Link on the right side of the page.

NOTE: Sometimes you may get a message like "Install Blocked” for application not obtained from Android Market( Google Play Store). In such case you have to change your phone’s security settings. Go to Settings>Security>Unknown Source. Check the option ‘Allow Installation of non market App”. A warning message will come. Tap OK. Now you are ready to install Rodali. After installation complete you may again change your security setting to default.

The Keyboard Layouts

Rodali for Android has four main layouts to access all the characters and symbols in Assamese. They are as follows