How to use Rodali Phonetic IME

Initial one-time setup

After the successful installation of Rodali Phonetic IME, you will see a icon in your apps list as shown below.

Just tap on it. The following menu will appear

Tap on "Enable Rodali IME".Check the option "Rodali Phonetic IME" from the list. A usual warning message may come.Don't worry. Rodali won't take any data from your device. Tap "OK".
After that go back to the menu and tap "Set Rodali as default IME".Choose "Rodali phonetic IME" from the list.

Your one-time setup process is complete

How to write using Rodali

How to write

Open the editor where you want to write. e.g. Message Composer, Facebook status box etc.

Tap on any position of the editor. Rodali Phonetic Keyboard will come out as shown below. Make sure that "As" mode is visible at the bottom left corner of the keyboard.Assamese can be written in "As" mode. To write English tap on it and "En" mode will be activated.

Assamese can be written very easily, just by typing the words as it sounds. To write নমস্কাৰ you have to type namaskaar. However, you may have to remember a few key-mappings.The key mappings are shown below.

How to add your own words

How to add words

While typing with Rodali, if the desired word does not appear in the suggestion list, complete typing the word and then long press on it. The word will be added to the auto-suggestion list. Next time you will see the suggestion for the word.

Alternatively, you can add word from the "Add Word" option of the menu.

How to delete existing words

How to delete existing words

Go to the "Delete Word" option from the menu. Type the word to be deleted. Just delete the word. The word will not appear in the suggestion list

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