Download Rodali 2.0 for Windows

Rodali 2.0 runs on Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7 and 8/8.1. However it requires Microsoft .net framework 2.0 SP2 or higher version. If your computer doesnot have the required version of Microsoft .net framework already installed, a message about this will be displayed on your computer screen while trying to install Rodali.In that case, you can freely download Microsoft .net framework 2.0 SP2 from this link and install it on your computer

Still facing problem in running Rodali? Please read this

Please read this section before downloading Rodali 2.0

Before downloading Rodali 2.0 Please check whether your computer is of 32 bit or 64 bit.(Click here to know how to check it) Rodali 2.0 comes in two forms-one is for 32 bit computers and another one is for 64 bit computers. After checking your computer, download the appropriate version of Rodali from the download links given here
Important: To view and write Assamese properly on your Windows XP computer, you need to configure your computer beforehand. Click here for detailed instructions.

How to install Rodali 2.0

It is quite simple! Just double click on the setup file that you have downloaded.The installation process is self-explanatory.After the installation is complete, you can see a desktop shortcut and a start menu shortcut for Rodali 2.0.Double click on the desktop shortcut and Rodali will start

Please Note:If your computer does not run Rodali even after having .net framework installed, then some important libraries may be missing from your computer. To know how to solve this problem, please read here

Using Rodali 2.0

By default, Rodali supports Phonetic method of writing Assamese , i.e typing the word as it sounds(approximately).Rodali also supports Inscript method which can be selected by changing the keyboard settings. (Click the Tools and Settings icon>Keyboard Settings>Select the typing Method you want to use). Rodali even provides a custom method of typing which can be customized by the user. To create your own custom method, please go through the help manual that comes with Rodali 2.0.