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Rodali for Linux

Rodali for Linux provides a way of typing Assamese on Linux using the popular Rodali Phonetic method. It is based on the Ibus framework and let users input Assamese characters on any application.The software is tested on Ubuntu Linux 12.10 and the following instructions are for this version of Linux.

How to install Rodali on Ubuntu Linux

Download the three files (Installation Script,Rodali Package,Rodali Help) from the Download Links on the right side of this page.By default they will be downloaded to the "Downloads" directory under the Home directory. Before installing Rodali, you need to configure the computer.Follow the instructions given below.

Coniguring your computer

Make sure that your computer is conneted to the Internet.Open the terminal and execute the following commands.(Provide Root Password when required).

  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install ibus
  • sudo apt-get install ibus-m17

Installing Rodali

After successful installation of the above packages, you are ready to install Rodali. Enter the following commands

  • cd $HOME/Downloads
  • chmod +x installr
  • ./installr

Using Rodali

    • Run IBus (Applications -> System Tools -> IBus) from Dash
    • Open IBus Preferences from the top panel icon
      IBus Preference
    • Go to Input method, select Customize active input methods checkbox
      IBus Preference
    • Select an input method -> Assamese -> Rodali
    • Now Click Add button to add Rodali to the list
      IBus Preference
    • Now restart IBus from the top panel icon (Right Click -> Restart)
      IBus Restart
    • Open any text editing software (like, LibreOffice). Now Press Ctrl+Space to toggle between English and Assamese Rodali
    • Enjoy Rodali Phonetic!
      rodali on Ubuntu