Tools and Technology

One of the major aspects of Language Technology is the development of Tools and Technologies for communicating with the computers and incorporating intelligence to them. SLTD has begun its journey by focusing on development of Assamese Writing tools based on Unicode. There are few other areas, where the work is going on, and soon the products will be released.

SLTD has released the following products

Rodali is a set of special type of typing tools called Input Method Editor(IME). Using Rodali, the user can write Assamese characters on any application or editor in computers and Android devices. It is a lightweight user friendly typing tool, designed to serve a wide range of users, starting from novice to professionals. Rodali is a freeware. Click the links on the left side of this page to download the appropriate version of Rodali.Please view the License Agreement before you use Rodali.

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Rodali is available in four different forms- Rodali for Windows, Rodali for Linux, Rodali for Android and Rodali Online.Rodali 2.0 is the latest version of Rodali for Windows.Rodali phonetic IME is the latest app for the Android users to write assamese using the English QWERTY keyboard.
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A Screenshot of Rodali 2.0 working On MS Word