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Welcome to SLTD, Assam

Society for Language Technology Development, Assam (SLTD,Assam) is a non-profit organization which aims to promote and popularise the languages, literature and culture of Assam in the ever-expanding technological-digital era of the present. Read More

Language Technology:The Present Scenario

"Information Technology deals with the acquisition, organisation, storage, processing, transmission and delivery of information."

Language Technology refers to a field of computer linguistics aimed at enabling computers to understand and process human or natural language input. At present, the means of human-machine interaction is heavily biased in favour of the machine. The mouse and the keyboard are primary input devices, and visual display unit is the primary output device. Usage of such interfaces requires special skills and mental aptitude.This machine-centric communication needs to be evolved into human-centric

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News and Events

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Our Activities

This section highlights present activities of SLTD, Assam and it's future plans

SLTD is presently involved in Developing Unicode based tools for Assamese input and processing, and working on incorporating intelligent tools like spell checkers ,grammar-checkers etc. into them. Read More