Our Activities

This section highlights present activities of SLTD, Assam and it's future plans

Plans and Programmes

  • SLTD is involved in Developing Unicode based tools for Assamese input and processing at present, and working on incorporating intelligent tools like spell checkers ,thesaurus etc. into them. A Unicode based Indigenous Assamese tool called Rodali, has already been launched, and believed to serve a long time need of the netizens.
  • Publish scholarly articles about the languages of North East India, so that they reach world wide audience, in both English and local languages. A few of them already published through this website. They also have plans to get original articles written by the Scholars on specific issues, considering the relevance to its mission. In future, the rare literary material of the north eastern region will be digitized, translated and made available to public.
  • Collaborate with similar organizations, organize training programs and workshops to train and motivate people to write in the web, and to develop personal blogs, websites in local languages to increase local language content on the web
  • SLTD will also participate in Govt. and non-govt. Programs in the field of language technology, and try to ensure the advantages of these programs available to the real beneficiaries.
  • SLTD is also working on developing different Assamese Unicode fonts, so that the non-Unicode professional users can migrate to Unicode, with ease.

Completed Works

  • Assamese Unicode typing tool Rodali (ver 1.0.0) with phonetic support released on 3rd October 2012
  • Bi-lingual website of the society, www.sltdassam.com has been developed and launched.The website will publish resources related to langauge, culture, literarture and technolgy.
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