About Us

Society for Language Technology Development, Assam (SLTD,Assam) is a non-profit organization (Registration No: DIB/255/C/75 of 2012-2013) which aims to promote and popularise the languages, literature and culture of Assam in the ever-expanding technological-digital era of the present. Download the complete profile

A brief Overview

Language technology primarily aims at the convergence of language with the most upgraded technological resources, especially the computer-language interface involving the creation of the necessary as well as upgraded tools/software. It is seen in recent times that those languages that have not been able to keep pace with modern technology have suffered immense harm, and are threatened with extinction. The various ethnic languages of Assam, including Assamese, are also in a precarious position due to its slow adoption of upgraded technological advantages. Few agencies or institutions exist in the present to address the needs. It is also seen that even among those who possess expertise in language/s, the awareness about the necessity of using the means of language technology for the development of one’s languages are lacking. This, in a way, accounts for the lack of visibility of Assamese and the other vernacular languages when compared with global or even other Indian regional languages.

In the growing computerization of the society of the present, the internet has begun to play an instrumental role in the production, dissemination, reception as well as archiving of knowledge resources. In such a moment, we cannot afford to remain alienated from the revolutionizing claims of technology with its enabling tools, but have to find ways of integrating it with our linguistic system with the purpose of developing as well as ensuring its global presence and visibility.

And this is where the need and relevance of the organization “Society for Language Technology Development, Assam” (SLTD, Assam) will be increasingly felt. With an aim towards developing Language technology for Languages of the Assam and NE region, SLTD, Assam has been formulated by a few like-minded people from different field of activities – some of them are working in Linguistics, some in IT, some in graphic designing and some are simply users of available language technology. With a firm belief and commitment, SLTD, Assam has decided to continue its mission of utilizing the benefits of Language Technology for development of local languages, making them suitable for modern technological advancements. SLTD believes in the dignity of our indigenous languages, and also in the fact that effective language technology only can reassign the younger generation to love, use, respect and develop the vernacular languages, which is of utmost importance for their identity.

Our Objectives

  • To develop Technology and Standards so that the languages of north-east India can face the challenges of modern technology demands, at present and in future
  • To spread out the benefits of new technology to real life activities including official works,education, and literature through development of suitable applications for the local languages
  • To create awareness among the people about the need for increasing local language content on the web and how they can enable it.
  • To train people on how to use new technology in local languages
  • To collaborate with the Researchers of different Universities and Research Institutes to develop practical applications from their research results.
  • To collaborate with the industries with the purpose of making their products suitable for local languages.
  • To pursue fonts design and development
  • To work towards the development of Unicode based tools
  • To work towards producing online and offline Dictionaries
  • To produce Expert Writing Tools that include feature additions such as Spell Checker, Grammar Checker, Thesaurus, Typing assistance tools etc.
  • To work towards collection, scientific documentation and archiving literary and linguistic corpus, so that they can be hosted and published online.
  • To assist in localization and validation of different projects of IT companies and Government.

Management Committee

  • Dr. Bhaskarjyoti Sarma
  • Abhijit Kalita
  • Gunadeep Chetia
  • Dr. Mridul Bordoloi
  • Raju Gohain
    Publicity Secretary

General Members

  • Pallavi Kalita
  • Bhairab Gohain